Upholstery Cleaner Chesapeake, VA

At The Carpet Medic, we have been in business since 1995. We offer our services as a local upholstery cleaner to our customers in Chesapeake, VA. We have the furniture cleaning solutions you need at affordable prices. We also operate every day of the week so we can always cater to your cleaning needs.

Upholstery cleaning is needed for your fabric furniture. Over time, dust and dirt can build on the surface of the chairs and sofas. They need the deep clean that only a qualified upholstery cleaner can provide. Using our high-powered equipment, we are able to give your furniture a thorough cleaning. Our cleaning services are so good, we have even won an award on Angie’s List.

Our experienced upholstery cleaners can remove any stain on your furniture. We use the best cleaning products on the market that are guaranteed to be non-toxic. Our services come with guarantees as well, so you are assured of quality service every time.

Our service starts with vacuuming the entire surface of the furniture. Then we will spot treat any stains. We use a cleaning solution and soft-bristled brush to lift and remove stains from the surface of the fabric. We work gently to ensure we do not damage the items. Then we rinse and remove the cleaning solution and check to see if there are any remnants of the stain left behind. If it is all clean, we proceed with drying the furniture.

For upholstery cleaning from a local company, come to The Carpet Medic. We cater to customers who live in Chesapeake, VA, and we have been in business for two decades, delivering great cleaning solutions to all our customers. We operate 24-7 to cater to the needs of all our clientele. For more information on our company and the special discounts we offer, please call (757) 327-7116 or visit us at our office.