Do’s and Don’ts of Upholstered Furniture Cleaning

Why Book a Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service?

upholstery-cleaningIf you have no experience with removing stains from  your furniture, you’d better count on the expert help of an upholstery cleaning service provider. This will provide you with the peace of mind that the fabric of your furniture won’t shrink or get permanently damaged because of the use of wrong detergents. If you decide to do some DIY work in order to save money, you’d better at least consult someone more experienced if you do not want to cause permanent damage.

Today, we will present you some do’s and don’ts of upholstery cleaning so that you get a better idea of what it may include:


  • For safe cleaning, read the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines written on the product that you have purchased. This will help you avoid cleaning damage like fabric surface staining and bleaching.

  • Clean only the dirty and stained section of the furniture. For general cleaning, use warm water and dish detergent as a cleaning solution.

  • Vacuum your upholstered furniture on a regular basis in order to remove food particles, dust, pet hair etc. If you want to extract the bacteria, pet, odors, and stubborn old stains, you will have to book a professional steam upholstery cleaning service which is performed with a shampooing and moisture extraction equipment.


  • Do not wait until the stain on the fabric dries out if you want to get it cleaned easily. Remove the stains as as soon as possible, by blotting them and afterward rubbing them with a dry cloth.

  • Do not use too much water when cleaning a furniture stain. If you have to do it because the stain did not come off the very first time that you applied a detergent over it, then you may use some more water, but afterward, make sure to use a warm towel or some cleaning paper to soak up the excessive water and blot the stain.

  • Never use bleach for cleaning stains on upholstered furniture, especially if the fabric is a natural one. Although bleach will certainly clean it, it will permanently damage the fabric color and structure.

To check which chemicals are environmentally friendly or book an upholstery cleaning service, you can always count on The Carpet Medic of Chesapeake, VA. Call us now at (757) 327-7116, and learn everything you want to know about our cleaning methods and service pricing!